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General rules governing all National Western Collegiate Judging Contests are listed below. Specific contest regulations will be listed under each contest.

1. Entry Procedure:

a. All entries must be made on the special entry form provided and submitted with credit card information or a check made payable to the National Western Stock Show.  Please email or mail your entry form and payment to:  

                        Ms. Trixie Carlstrom


            8768 Indian Village Drive

                        Wellington, Colorado 80549

All entries must be postmarked by December 22, 2017!  No exceptions!!!

b. Entry fees for the Carload, Senior College Livestock and Junior College Livestock are three hundred dollars ($300) per team and Wool Contest is two hundred ten dollars ($210) per team.  Entry fees must be submitted with the entry form. We accept both Mastercard and Visa payments.  Make all checks payable to: National Western Stock Show.

2. A contestant is not eligible to compete if they have, at any time, served as an official instructor at any agricultural college, as a regular Extension Agent, as a regular vocational agricultural teacher, as an official representative of a breed association, or officiated as a livestock judge in a state, regional or national show.

3. Each contestant must be presently enrolled at the institution they represent or must have previously completed a livestock evaluation, selection and/or judging course at the institution they represent.

4. Each collegiate livestock coach and institution shall be responsible for certifying the eligibility of the students representing their institution.

5. Livestock judging contestants cannot enter the National Western Stock Show grounds prior to Thursday, January 11, 2018. Carload contestants may not enter the National Western Yards prior to Friday, January 12, 2018.

6. Only officials and contestants of the contest will be allowed on the floor of the arena of each contest. All others are required to have permission from the Superintendent to enter the contest arena.

7. While the contest is in progress, there shall be no conferring between contestants or between contestants and anyone else, except as directed by the group leader, the Superintendent or his representative. Any violation of this rule will be cause for immediate expulsion of offenders from the contest. During the livestock contest, no alternates or coaches will be allowed to observe the contest below the pedestrian walkway in the Coliseum.

8. No contestant will be allowed to wear any uniform, college colors or belt buckle, or shall in any way signify to the official his/her identity or the college he/she represents. No participants will be allowed to wear hats while judging.

9. Contestants may carry only plain paper and pencils or pens into any contest. No contestants will be allowed to hold paper, card or device that will assist in giving reasons before the judge.

10. Contestants are not allowed to have a cellular phone, pager, PDA, or any other electronic device in their possession during any of the National Western judging contests.  If contestants are in possession of, or observed using an electronic device of any type during a National Western judging contest, they will be disqualified.

11. Each team (Senior College Livestock, Junior College Livestock and Carload) will consist of five (5) members. All five (5) scores will be used to determine the team total.

12. Each class will consist of 4 animals in the livestock contests. Animals or pens within a class will be designated by back numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

13. In case of a tie or ties, the reason score(s) in the respective category(s) will be used to break the tie(s). If an additional measure is needed, numbers will be drawn from a hat. If ties occur in selecting high individual in beef reasons, they will be broken by the lowest placing score on beef reasons classes. If an additional measure is needed, numbers will be drawn from a hat.

14. Important Note: Teams who received traveling trophies at the 2017 NWSS contests are reminded to return them at the Coach’s Dinner.  It is the responsibility of the team coach to return the trophy in good condition. Any replacements or repairs must be done prior to returning the trophy to Denver.