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Entry Fee: $210 Per Team / $50 per Individual

1. The Wool Judging Contest will be conducted Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.  Contestants report to the Adams County Fairgrounds between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m.

2. Each College may enter a maximum of two Wool Judging Teams comprised of a maximum of four (4) members and a minimum of three (3) members. The scores of the three (3) high scoring individuals on each team will be totaled for the team score. The low scoring individual will be the alternate and will be eligible for individual awards, but will not be eligible to compete in future National Western Wool Judging Contests.

3. Each College may enter a maximum of four (4) alternates not designated as part of that college’s team for a maximum of twelve (12) team and alternate members.  A $50 entry fee per individual will be assessed. Alternates will not be eligible for individual or team awards except in the alternates contest.  These students will also not be eligible for competition in future National Western Wool Judging Contests.

4. Any agricultural college undergraduate student may compete in the Wool Judging Contest provided they have never participated in an Interstate or International Collegiate Wool Judging Contest.

5. Eligibility:

A. No contestant is eligible to compete if they have at any time served as an official instructor at any agricultural college, as a regular Extension Agent, as a regular vocational agricultural teacher, as an official representative of a breed association, or officiated as a wool judge in a state, regional or national show.

B. Each contestant must be presently enrolled at the institution they represent or must have previously competed in a livestock/wool evaluation, selection and/or judging course at the institution they represent.

C. Each collegiate livestock coach and institution shall be representing that institution.

D. Wool judging contestants cannot be responsible for certifying the eligibility of the students representing that institution.

E. Wool judging contestants cannot enter the floor of the judging area prior to the contest.

F. Only officials of the contest will be allowed on the floor area of the contest. All others are required to have the permission of the Superintendent to enter the contest area.

6. Each contestant must have an accumulative minimum grade point average of C (2.0/4-point system), or its equivalent, for all college courses taken prior to the time they compete in this contest. No contestant is eligible to compete in a contest if they have been ruled ineligible by their coach and/or institution represented. This rule applies to both social and scholastic probation.

7. Those students which meet the criteria described in items 4, 5 and 6 (above) but graduate in December of the year preceding the National Western Wool Judging Contest shall be considered eligible for competition in the current contest.

8. The classes will be judged as follows:

A. Three (3) classes of breed fleeces. Fleeces to be placed on the basis of breed requirements.

B. Three (3) classes of commercial fleeces. Fleeces to be placed according to commercial requirements.

C. Three (3) sets of oral reasons will be given from 3 of the classes listed above.

D. Fifteen (15) fleeces will be scored for grade (spinning counts), length, character, purity and yield. Reasons will not be given on this class. Contestants will submit their findings on an official grading sheet at the end of the class.

E. Fifteen (15) minutes will be allowed for the placing of each class of four (4) fleeces. Contestants will be asked to stand back one minute at the beginning and one minute at the end of the class to observe. A maximum of forty-five (45) minutes will be allowed for scoring the class of fifteen (15) fleeces. Each contestant will be allowed two (2) minutes per fleece and eight (8) minutes to re-examine any or all of the fifteen (15) fleeces. 

F. Three classes of handspinning wool will be judged.  These scores will not be included as part of the overall wool contest. However, the top five individuals in the handspinning contest will receive awards along with the top team.  Fleeces will be placed according to their handspinning value. Fifteen (15) minutes will be allowed for the placing of each class of four (4) fleeces.

G. Contestants are warned against rough handling of contest fleeces. Any contestant who violates this rule will be asked to place the remainder of the classes without handling. No warning will be given.

H. Coaches and non-competing alternate team members will not be allowed to see the classes until after the official judges begin to hear contestant reasons.

I. A tie or ties for High Team or High Individual (overall) will be broken on the fifteen (15) fleece scoring total. Placing ties will be broken by reasons and total scores will break grading ties. Reasons will be broken on the lowest placing score, then on grading and handspinning will be broken by the high score of a class decided on by the officials.

9. Coach’s Meeting: The coach’s meeting will be held Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at the Adams County Fairgrounds beginning at 4:00 p.m.  Packets with parking passes, rosters and final contest instructions will be distributed. Final team members and alternates must be turned in at this time. 2015 traveling trophies should be returned.
VERY IMPORTANT:  Final attendees for awards banquet MUST be confirmed at this meeting, we will not be able to accommodate extra guests unless they are confirmed and paid. 

10. Awards Banquet: The Awards Banquet will be held Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel. Each coach judging a team (maximum of 2) will receive admittance to the awards banquet. Those individuals competing in more than one (1) division will receive only one (1) pass. No admittance will be allowed without confirmation with the contest superintendent.  No exceptions. Additional tickets must be purchased with entry form for administrators, alternates, spouses or other guests.

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